Marius Aquarius

Goldfish immortal

You know that story about the goldfish that got swallowed and survived?

L’enfant is a disco-funk-you-have-to-move-your-feet-to-band and dj-set. They asked us to make an artwork & music video to accompany their song “Marius Aquarius”. After listening to the song it seemed obvious that Marius Aquarius was about a fish. A goldfish.

BTW: the goldfish is still alive and kicking, we used plastic stand-ins for the stunts

Client: L’ENFANT / Boogie Angst Label
Music: L’enfant
Everything else by
Merel Witteman & Maartje Slijpen
Year: 2016MZ_Web_Lenfant_MARIUS-470x331-960x675

some screenshots for a quick video impression:

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