EKKO but different

The same, but different.

EKKO is an alternative pop-podium in Utrecht who are not afraid to do things differently. We translated this into a campaign and visualized synonyms of things you can do there: drink- and dance terms. We accompanied the visualized words with the line ‘Kom Anders…’ (Come… in a different way). The end result consists of nine different synonym-situations in both film and photography.

Client: EKKO
Photography: Annegien van Doorn
Set assistant: Amber ter Haar
Art direction & design: Maartje Slijpen & Merel Witteman

Video Audio: Robbert Klein, Thomas Peters, Peter Hagelaars en Oscar Peters.
Film & Editing: Maartje Slijpen & Merel Witteman
Year: 2015

outdoor_poster_borrelen outdoor_poster_shaken


    shaken means ‘shaking’ – tanken means ‘to fuel up’


    borrelen means ‘bubbling’ – doorzakken means ‘falling throught the ceiling’


    moonwalken means ‘moonwalking’ – raven means ‘raving’ (at a party)


    rocken & rollen means ‘rocking & rolling’ – schuren means ‘scrubbing’

SCHUREN_SplashRAVEN Borrelen_Splash_test-3SHAKEN_splash_TEST DOORZAKKEN_splash_TEST