Underground Bar

Under Eindhoven

Eindhoven is the fifth biggest city in the Netherlands, it is also the city where I studied and I was alarmed to discover that it had no underground scene… none! That’s why Maartje Slijpen and I came up with an idea that would give Eindhoven its first real underground hangout. Literally. We found some partners to help us realise this project and got to work digging a deep hole that was 3 meters deep and 6 meters long. Then we put a sea container in it, built a bar, created a menu and arranged a line up of dj’s. We opened our doors during Dutch Design Week 2013.

Year: 2013
Everything by: Maartje Slijpen & Merel Witteman
Thanks to: Royal Haskoning DHV, Biosoil, Hendriks


“they’re asking what we are digging here, am I allowed to tell? … a big hole”