Heaven on paper

JEZUS! is a one-time Dutch magazine that was available in stores & supermarkets in 2015. Dutch culture is mainly based on Christian norms & values, for example all of our public holidays are still derives from the Christian calendar and traditions. The gospel seems to be running at a little more than a whisper as less people ‘believe’ and churches become dusty storage spaces for long benches and religious figurines. This magazine is not meant to convert people or make people ‘believe’, but to inform them about the person Jesus, who he was, what he did and how his story has evolved (yes that is a bad joke) and continues to contemporary society. JEZUS is about making informed decisions and having your facts straight.

The magazine consisted of articles, (blue) impartial information pages and a VR tour: by scanning the ground surface pages with Layar, you could transport yourself to all the spots Jesus visited.

See the full magazine here.

Art Direction / Design / tone of visual voice: Merel Witteman
Photography & illustration: various artists, credited in the specific article
Copy: various writers credited per article
Publisher: Lentemedia



scanning this page with the layar-app will take you there


modern bible figures fashion shoot


“search and you will find him”


What did he really look like?


menu from the time of Jesus