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The land of King Willem I

A school as big as a country

The ‘Koning Willem I College’ is much more than just a school. It’s a unique place with its own restaurant, a garage, a hairdresser, a bank, a theatre and a supermarket. It’s a place where 13.000 students start to ‘learn by doing’ as soon as they walk through the door. That’s why from now on this trade school is called ‘the Land of King Willem the 1st’. We welcome you into our country that has its own flag, map, honorary citizens and even a newspaper.

The new identity of the school contains a new logo, graphic style, tone of voice, website, app & promotional brand film. This land is one where you can play and experiment before you graduate and have to start living in the ‘real world’. As a citizen of King Willem I, you are expected to do as many experiments as you can and make a ton of beautiful mistakes along the way. Because that’s the best way to learn – by doing and making mistakes and undoing them and doing some more. Together with photographer Annegien van Doorn we took over 50 images, capturing this opportunity to see things differently, experiment and occasionally, make a mistake.

Art Direction / Design: Merel Witteman
Copy: Rens de Jonge

Photography: Annegien van Doorn
Map illustration: Doug Chayka
Video animation: Hannah Vischer


Koning willem 1 college 2

overview of stationary material

brandmovie to introduce the new communication and visual style. Dutch version here.


a proper ‘land’ has its own newspaper and map


when you enter the website you can navigate through the map or use classic navigaton


there’s also a ‘Koning Willem I college’ app


In the land of King Willem I, everybody is a king. As a campaign for their open day we showed students, sitting on trones made of objects that fit their studies.

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A3_liggend_ENG_def5 A3_liggend_ENG_def9 A3_liggend_ENG_def11 A3_liggend_ENG_def13 A3_liggend_ENG_def17 A3_liggend_ENG_def19