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How hard can it be?

This is rubbish The students of Koning Willem I College seem to have some difficulties throwing away their rubbish. The evidence of this is littered all over campus. So we presented them with a series of new rubbish bins and a challenge. Because really, throwing away your rubbish in the bin, ...

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Daarom Pindakaas

May contain traces of nuts Daarom Pindakaas (translated as: Why Not Peanutbutter) is a fictional peanut-butter brand, founded in 2013. We were graduating at Design Academy Eindhoven, where the most asked question is ‘why?’ After hearing this question for almost 5 years we thought it was finally time for an answer, which ...

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a (good) friday film

Friday is good KesselsKramer has a tradition of making ‘fridayfilms’ (www.kesselskramerfridayfilms.com) as a fun way to end the week on a creative yet often nonsensical note. We thought it was time for a fridayfilm on the best Friday of the year: Good Friday. Now it wasn’t just any ‘fridayfilm’ it ...

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EKKO but different

The same, but different. EKKO is an alternative pop-podium in Utrecht who are not afraid to do things differently. We translated this into a campaign and visualized synonyms of things you can do there: drink- and dance terms. We accompanied the visualized words with the line ‘Kom Anders…’ (Come… in ...

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De Zomer Komt Hard

Melting ice, dripping sweat and chilling cocktails; that’s what the weekly dance-evening ‘Diep in de Groef’ stands for during summer. In other words: here, summer hits hard. We made a summer campaign while it was melting hot, with some dripping ice-creams and sweet Hawaiian tunes. Year: 2015 Client: EKKO Collaboration with: Thomas Peters ...

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