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Daarom Pindakaas

May contain traces of nuts Daarom Pindakaas (translated as: Why Not Peanutbutter) is a fictional peanut-butter brand, founded in 2013. We were graduating at Design Academy Eindhoven, where the most asked question is ‘why?’ After hearing this question for almost 5 years we thought it was finally time for an answer, which ...

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Kip met/zonder kop

Beelddragers is a platform that invites each year 10 people to come up with an artwork after a story. This is about the story of Miracle Mike, a chicken that continued to live from 1945 - 1947, after his head got chopped off. The chicken became a big attraction, and ...

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This is it???

Gisel is born with as wel X as Y chromosomes: XXY. Man and woman. Breasts and penis. Christel Mitchell documented the life of Gisel, I turned it into a book. Client: Christel Mitchell Event: melkweg.nl/en/agenda/opening-gisel-06-12-2014 Collaboration: video with James Holdsworth, KesselsKramer....

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Stephanie Francke is a jazz saxophonist player and she asked us to design her new album cover. She grew up near the sea, and loved the way the waves leave ripples in the sand. That’s why we tried to combine these two elements, water and sand, into one album. The ...

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XX studio XX

XXSTUDIOXX newspaper publication with photoseries by Thomas Mailaender (or Mike Litoris), which I designed to look a bit like the oldskool cheap porn-magazines. Client: Thomas Mailaender Year: 2014 ...

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Hans Brinker Budget Trophy

The Hans Brinker Budget Hotel Amsterdam (Also known as the ‘worst hotel in the world’) annually organises an expo where the most promising young artist can win the Hans Brinker Budget Trophy. We made the invitation for 2015, both print and video, showing a hunting trophy that really sucks. Client: Hans Brinker Budget Hotel ...

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