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EKKO but different

The same, but different. EKKO is an alternative pop-podium in Utrecht who are not afraid to do things differently. We translated this into a campaign and visualized synonyms of things you can do there: drink- and dance terms. We accompanied the visualized words with the line ‘Kom Anders…’ (Come… in ...

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De Zomer Komt Hard

Melting ice, dripping sweat and chilling cocktails; that’s what the weekly dance-evening ‘Diep in de Groef’ stands for during summer. In other words: here, summer hits hard. We made a summer campaign while it was melting hot, with some dripping ice-creams and sweet Hawaiian tunes. Year: 2015 Client: EKKO Collaboration with: Thomas Peters ...

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Invitation for an after-summer-party with pool-vibes. In other words: a party to show off how brown (or neon red in this case) you got during summer. Posters printed on neon paper, flyers on neon sticker paper. Year: 2015 Client: W2N8, party venue in Den Bosch ...

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ITS in motion

ITs Festival gives recently graduated performing arts students a stage to perform their graduation piece once again. We did their campaign for the 2015 edition. This year it was all about moving, being in motion, the transition from being a student to the professional life. Therefore we filmed 10 students ...

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Loyal Lawyers


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Stephanie Francke is a jazz saxophonist player and she asked us to design her new album cover. She grew up near the sea, and loved the way the waves leave ripples in the sand. That’s why we tried to combine these two elements, water and sand, into one album. The ...

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Hans Brinker Budget Trophy

The Hans Brinker Budget Hotel Amsterdam (Also known as the ‘worst hotel in the world’) annually organises an expo where the most promising young artist can win the Hans Brinker Budget Trophy. We made the invitation for 2015, both print and video, showing a hunting trophy that really sucks. Client: Hans Brinker Budget Hotel ...

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