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NL Leest

Nederland leest is an organisation that promotes reading among Dutch citizens. To do so, every year, during one month, they hand out a free book to members of the library. But this year (2016) everything was different. Due to a new law, the function of the Dutch libraries shifted from a ...

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DOOD magazine

English & short: DOOD is a one-off dutch magazine about death. It’s filled with facts & stories about death, illustrated by various photographers and artists. Dutch & long: Het eenmalige tijdschrift 'DOOD' gaat natuurlijk over de dood, maar is geen zwartgallig of somber blad. Eigenlijk gaat DOOD vooral over het leven. ...

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How hard can it be?

This is rubbish The students of Koning Willem I College seem to have some difficulties throwing away their rubbish. The evidence of this is littered all over campus. So we presented them with a series of new rubbish bins and a challenge. Because really, throwing away your rubbish in the bin, ...

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The land of King Willem I

A school as big as a country The ‘Koning Willem I College’ is much more than just a school. It’s a unique place with its own restaurant, a garage, a hairdresser, a bank, a theatre and a supermarket. It’s a place where 13.000 students start to ‘learn by doing’ as soon ...

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Heaven on paper JEZUS! is a one-time Dutch magazine that was available in stores & supermarkets in 2015. Dutch culture is mainly based on Christian norms & values, for example all of our public holidays are still derives from the Christian calendar and traditions. The gospel seems to be running at ...


Loyal Lawyers


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XX studio XX

XXSTUDIOXX newspaper publication with photoseries by Thomas Mailaender (or Mike Litoris), which I designed to look a bit like the oldskool cheap porn-magazines. Client: Thomas Mailaender Year: 2014 ...

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Hans Brinker Budget Trophy

The Hans Brinker Budget Hotel Amsterdam (Also known as the ‘worst hotel in the world’) annually organises an expo where the most promising young artist can win the Hans Brinker Budget Trophy. We made the invitation for 2015, both print and video, showing a hunting trophy that really sucks. Client: Hans Brinker Budget Hotel ...

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