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Vodka Fountain

I’d like to introduce you to Annabella; a mobile vodka fountain! She’s currently placed in utrecht, where she occasionally comes out of her chamber to serve the guests shots of vodka from her right nipple. This is how she rolls: 1. get yourself a golden vodka coin and glass 2. gently slide the money ...

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My Way or the Highway

From april till juni 2016 we guided the graduation students of Zuyd University (Maastricht, The Netherlands) through their graduation process. The students of Interdisciplinary Arts already took a subject and did a research on the subject. We helped them to combine all the researches and projects into one expo, named: My ...

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The Pointing Finger

Get to the point The Pointing Finger is a little machine made with love and exhibited at MOTI, Museum Of The Image. Because there was no official opening we filmed our own. Video: Maartje Slijpen & Merel Witteman Machine: Merel Witteman Year: 2013...

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Eat Shit

Design Academy Eindhoven is every year present during Milano’s Design Week. In 2014, their exhibition’s title and theme was EAT SHIT. They asked us to do the promotion of the event, a job which we took very serious. We became a shitty promotion team, with full devotion we made ...

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Kip met/zonder kop

Beelddragers is a platform that invites each year 10 people to come up with an artwork after a story. This is about the story of Miracle Mike, a chicken that continued to live from 1945 - 1947, after his head got chopped off. The chicken became a big attraction, and ...

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